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Do you suffer or do you know someone who suffers with any of the following cancers?

Breast, Prostate, Colon, Bone (Leukemia), Lymphoma (Lymphatic), Brain (Neuro/Nervous), Skin (basal/squamous cell carcinoma, or malignant melanoma), any Endocrine (Pinial, Pituitary, Thyroid, Thymus, Adrenal, Pancreas, and male prostate, testes or female uterous, ovaries) Systems?

Is it really terminal, fatal, or lethal?

Stop Cancer NOW!

How would YOU feel if your FAMILY and LOVED ONES knew how to CONQUER CANCER?

Medically documented and by Divine design, your body holds the potential to


We have had to learn a lot before we've finally understood this process in simplicity.
And once you do, you will find this process very powerful and easy to apply!

We know that cancer has been the #2 leading killer for many years and it's been the #1 leading killer of children.

Since the worse cancer case we've ever seen come to us for help never died of cancer and we know what has to be done to prevent, remove, and eliminate cancer, we feel morally obligated to tell you that all the research to eliminate cancer and the other killer diseases has already been done.

Medical research documented between 1930 and 1963 at Harvard, Tulane, and Mississippi medical schools, (by Dr's Drinker, Mayerson, and Guyton), provides empirical scientific evidence that your body’s lymphatic system holds the keys to heal cancer and all diseases, including AIDS and even the new H5N1 virus (Avian flu).

In fact, your lymphatic system is your body’s immune system!

Can this work for you?  The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.
This program has been time-test proven with millions of people around the world - and it works through activating your lymphatic vessels and glands!

Without compensation, Dr. Stephen West, DL, PMD* [Non-Secular], possibly helped save the life of a little girl named Evelyn, in FL, who's family was too poor to pay for any type of services.  When Evelyn first walked into the room, she believed she was going to die of cancer.  Within 45 minutes, most of the pressure was dissipated from the cancer tumor in Evelyns knee.  By the time Evelyn walked out of that room, she was empowered with knowledge of how to continue to help her knee improve and she had an all new hope of life.  Evelyn continued to improve over the next month, until the tumor in her knee had gone from grape friut size to golf ball size. She was initially taught the simple yet powerful techniques for her knee in a living room full of other spiritual healing students, without drugs or surgury.

There is a list a mile long of success stories just like this one, due to a rare and hard to find technique, based upon rare and hard to find medical research.

No women in Stephen's family have had any problems with breast lumps, because of this research!

Have us to show you how!

With easy to use self-help techniques you can immediately activate your natural immune system. Prevent, remove and eliminate cancers and dozens of other killer diseases with High Speed Relief™.  You can now understand the truth about cause and prevention of cancer in simple lay terms.  This information is documented medically, but hasn’t been offered in Medical School courses.

We will teach you the true causes behind cancer, plus what you and your loved ones can do about it starting right now by yourselves at home to prevent, remove and eliminate cancer from your body, while obtaining the knowledge in this program.  The techniques which you will learn how to do are simple, easy, and they don't actually cost a dime to apply in the comfort of your own home.

Hear a qualified Lymphologist explain how this diagram represents what happens in your own body to start or stop cell malfunctions and genetic mutations that lead to Cancer and other diseases.

In fact, the word "tumor" actually means "to swell." All cancers are swelling and every "___itis" is inflamation, so learn the truth about cancer and all tumors right now, for the first time!

(Obesity is almost tied with cancer as the #2 killer, and it's also another form of lymphedema - swelling.)

Our unique program is designed to help you create balance in your life while learning all of the Pure Laws and Principals, and Power Heal™ techniques which can be demonstrated in the privacy of your own home.  Our DVD's teach "Why and How It’s Possible!"  Discover why various clients have experienced instant relief from migraine headaches, lower back/sciatic pain, and even instant relief at the beginning of a major heart attack. Discover why various cancer programs fail or succeed.  Take action now!

Order the Complete Home-Study Course and learn the principals and techniques, Today, NOW!

This information can save your life!

What will you contribute to save life?

This program reveals critical truths for all those who want to help heal the world.
The research and techniques contained in this program are not being taught anywhere else in the world!

No need for abortions or transporting someone elses blueprint into your body (which just raises all kinds of other concerns) in order to obtain the benefits of stem cells.  Those who are only interested in power and control try to make it look like you have to go to them for help.  We are giving away the farm because there is no repeat business at all through empowering people with the truth.  "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." - Jesus

POWER STEM CELL is a technique included in the new special release called
Discover Your Power Plants - The Series -

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Find out about "a cancer treatment using bicarbonate soda and maple syrup—mixed together and heated to bind the two—delivers natural chemotherapy that kills cancer cells. But this natural method greatly reduces the horrendous side effects that seem to go hand-in-hand with most of the traditional chemotherapy treatments. Since cancer loves sugar, when the cancer cells gobble up the mixture, the baking soda kills them before they can grow." Read the full article by Bob Livingston, September 7, 2009...

Bicarbonate Maple Syrup Cancer Treatment
(International Medical Veritas Association)

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